About Elder Sports

Elder Sports is a premier sportswear company providing cutting edge gear resonating with all shapes, colors, and sizes. Founded by Ron Elder, native of Birmingham, Alabama: Elder Sports has made a profound cause to display respect, deliver vibrant sportswear apparel, and support healthy lifestyles. We started in ’09 beginning with trade shows and kiosk locations in retail malls. We’ve hosted and sponsored events such as modeling showcases, fundraising for church’s and youth groups, and also entertainment events.


Our philosophy is “Respect Your Elder”. In a time where the lines of respect have been blurred, we must set fourth a demand for respect. That is why we challenge each individual to maintain, deliver, and display respect to others.

“Finally, a brand that embodies true values and still remaining true to its roots; Fitness.

Living by respect sets you apart from the others. Living by respect shows people you live by a certain set of rules. Living by respect is contagious. 

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