While attending a local Senior Life Services event on yesterday as a clinical educator, I was humbly reminded of how when people are in need that you do not have time to critically think or grab gloves! I was sharing information on colon cancer and its risks while inviting people to walk through an inflatable colon (that was actually quite popular) and view a depiction of what polyps and advanced cancer look like inside of our colons!  I was so focused on handing out the printed information that I almost did not see the gentleman walking near my adorable colon! He had a frustrated look on his face and kept nodding his head. When I greeted him and asked if I could help. He grumbled and said something that sounded like “I don’t understand how people can be so mean!” I asked him if I could help and he stated that his mom was in the bathroom and had been in there for several minutes. I offered to go into the bathroom . When I entered into the restroom and called out her name, she replied and said she was fine. I went back to her son and assured him that she stated that she was ok.  Only thirty minutes later to look up and see the same gentleman walking toward me with his head hung low. He shrugged his shoulders and then said to me “She has not come out of the bathroom”.  When I walked back into the bathroom and asked if she needed help, she replied “Please ! Yes. I need help!” I approached the stall that she was in, the door was cracked open, her wheelchair was parked in front of her  and she sat there on the toilet with her head down.  she said “I can not get up or clean myself. I’m so sorry.” She was smeared with stool and her diaper and pants were at the bottom of her legs at her feet. My heart broke. I fought  back my tears. All I could do was to think of my deceased mother who could have been in this very same position.  I leaned over this woman  and cleaned her as best I could.

In Other Words, here is what my take away is :

  1. When helping others, there is no time to pause! 

When people are in need, they are hoping that someone will not take a moment to think about the risks involved before stretching out a helping hand.

2.  What if it were your mom?

Treat people as though they were completely harmless and  their intentions were genuine.

3.  Dont be so caught up in your own agenda!

There is always an opportunity to step away from our To-Do checklists and just be kind, even when it pulls you away from your jobs and tasks!