When we began this journey we were all sitting in the living room at our home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Ron said what if we branded our own clothing line and named it “ELDERSPORTS” ? Ron was already providing customized screen printed shirts for the promo girls at the casinos for his production business. He realized that these shirts that were to be returned at the end of every function were not coming back. When he asked the promo girls about the shirts, they all replied that they liked them so much and wanted to wear them when they were not working!! Why have we kept at this hustle and not stopped? Because we Respect the Hustle.We Respect our Elder! We believe that there is a certain level of hope that comes right along with the sacrifice and the sweat that is poured into building something you actually own! Something that you can call your very own. It is that thing that brings a smile to your heart that no job nor any amount of overtime can pay for! We have not stopped and wont stop.Well, we are still moving. Moving all of what we believe into an actual location! We wanted you to know.

This is part of the reason