Working in the Healthcare industry as an RN for 33 years has afforded me the amazing experience of remaining abreast of the latest recommendations, medications and treatment options that are being prescribed to patients everywhere. We are in a pandemic era that is inundated with fear and anxiety, horrific reports, and recommendations to take any type of pill to hopefully make this all go away. I would like to ask you a couple of questions:

  1. Who has spent the most time with your body?
  2. Who can describe most accurately the symptoms, pains or aches that you may be experiencing now or in the past?
  3. Who would be the first to notice if something was not quite right or if something was off with the way that your body normally reacts to things?


In order for optimal health to occur, you must engage and connect…..with your own Health! You must become your best Primary Care Physician!

The Providers that you schedule appointments with when you are not feeling well or when something is off, has only spent a brief moment of time with your state of health If you are a new patient then they have probably spent exactly zero time with your body prior to the appointment. You are the most informed about You! You must become engaged and know what is best for You! It is up to You!

I dare say that in order for your state of health to continue in a positive direction, then you must put on that white lab coat and start making an appointment with you:

  1. How much water did I drink today?
  2. Have I been active and raised my heart rate for at least 30 minutes today?
  3. Did I get outside and enjoy at least 20 minutes of sun?
  4. Did I take 5 minutes to do some purposeful deep breathing?

At your next doctor’s appointment, consider asking your physician some basic questions:

  1. What are some other options available for treating this condition?
  2. Is there something that can be recommended to alleviate my condition that does not require me to take medication?
  3.  What can you suggest for me to start doing on my own that will reverse this condition?

Your good health can be swiped away in an instant. Take care of yourself and be your Best Primary Care Physician. Stay engaged with You!


Be Encouraged!

Bridget Elder